Changing it up!

Taking a good long look at the brand this week.

It's tough finding a balance when sharing the things that inspired us to start Hundenfolk and sharing things that we make for our community. Although our dog Blue was the reason this started and it began as a way for us to make things we loved for him, it was also to encourage others to take their dogs with them and live a more fulfilled life together.  

So, how are we doing so far?

I'd say not that great. Our feed has become obsessed with gear, sales, and giveaways. 😂

So, I am taking it back to basics and will be sharing some things that make us the camping, traveling, homebody, vintage loving dog people we are; Hundenfolk. 

Here is what to expect:

Dog-friendly vacation spots, some we've been to, others we dream of visiting one day. 

Historical places across the U.S. Blue was an adventure pup through and through and traveled with us multiple times across the country visiting places from the West Coast to Iowa, and everything in between. (He stayed in a lot of hotels, some he liked.. others he did not, but that's a story for another time.)

Vintage finds we've gathered along our travels that will be made available to you. We love all things old. There is something special about pieces that have lived a life before our own and we often find things that are too good to pass up, storing them away for another house, another time, or now another person to enjoy. 

Our gear in the wild. We love this small business and the community around it. We feel super lucky to be able to have it, keep it running, and continue to grow with it, so we won't stop making goodies for everyone to enjoy. Promise! I'll even throw in the occasional giveaway in there too mainly because they are so fun. 

Overall, that's it! So, if you start to see more posts from us, give us a shout! We'd love to hear your thoughts on places to go, places you've been, and things you love doing with your dogs. 

-xoxo jules 

PS. Check out one of our more recent posts about Bonita Domes, a famous house in Joshua Tree that recently sold to new owners! We cannot wait to see what they do with the place. 

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