Riley, Aussie Shepherd.

Our products in the wild.

We've been having a lot of firsts lately with this brand and today was a really special one. Today was the very first time we've seen our products on a pup randomly in the wild!

Okay, it wasn't the complete wild, it was at our local all-natural pet food store we shop at for Scout, but it was random! This is our third year in business and although we've sold our handcrafted items to people that live far and wide, it feels good to know our local community supports us. Plus, being a small business means I get to spend a lot of time connecting with our customers and I love it, and this was a really nice surprise! 

We walked in and immediately recognized our Aztec bandana and the pup; it was Riley! After I weighed the option of staying quiet or introducing ourselves... I did the latter, asked, "Is this Riley?" and blurted out "I'm Julia, I own Hundenfolk!" (Surprised myself there.) Of course, Riley's mom was the sweetest, we connect often through Instagram.  

Riley is six months old, and white and fawn Aussie, and even more precious in person. Meeting her really made our day. Follow her page, her feed is pure joy!

Not every milestone has to be a financial one in a small business. Today was the perfect example of that.

I'm hoping 2020 continues to surprise us and our hard work pays off. 

- xoxo jules

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How cool is this. I love it!!

Jill Hamblen

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