Pop-Ups: How we got into the BEST retailer to sell our stuff and were invited back.

Pop-Ups: How we got into the BEST retailer to sell our stuff and were invited back.

We love pop-ups! 

There is a certain nervous energy you get when you put all the things you've made on a table, out there for people to see, touch, and fall in love with. 

Over the past few years we've been lucky enough to spend holidays and weekends at one of our favorite shops ever; Nordstrom. We've held countless pop-ups, met so many incredible people, and most importantly sold hundreds and hundreds of products to new furry friends. 

So, how did we do it?

Nordys loves providing special experiences for their clients and what could be more unique than a southwestern inspired dog accessory company from a teeny tiny, handmade, local brand? We had bet not much, and we were right. 

Looking for something fun and new, a fan of the brand that happened to work there offered up our name and suggested the team check out Hundenfolk. They loved what they saw, connected with us and poof! We were in. 

Now some may say that was a stroke of good fortune, and they aren't wrong, but here is how we got a second, third, fourth, and so many more invitations to come back and hang with the Nordstrom team. 

1. We delivered on our promise to show something new and exciting. Always refreshing our lines and listening to feedback. Each time we showed up we had a mixture of signature pieces everyone loved and something new for those trend setting doggos. 

2. We held ourselves to the Nordstrom standard. My partner and I have worked for incredible companies in the past and when it came to Hundenfolk, we knew we had to set high standards for ourselves. It didn't hurt that my sister used to work for Nordstrom and many other great brands excelling in the customer experience naturally.  It was a perfect culture fit and translated to a great customer experience.

3. We built a relationship with our local stores and learned about their business, trends, and clients. We shared our results, customer feedback, and asked when we could come back. Oh, and we were persistent. 😂

4. We showed up and believed in ourselves. This is by far the hardest part of owning any company. That don't stop, can't stop attitude has to be turned all the way up when you present yourself to a company and incredible as Nordstrom. 

That's it! Sounds easy enough, right? 😉

Although everything retail has shut down or changed for now, we know we will be back soon enough throwing pop-up puppy parties at our favorite Nordstroms across SoCal!

-xoxo jules 

Thanks for diving in! Want Hundenfolk to hold a pop-up at your local Nordstrom? Next time you're in, drop our name and ask when we will be in next! 

Have a small business of your own and want to hold your own pop-up in your favorite retailers space? Let's connect! I am always willing to guide you through reaching out, you'll never know unless you try! 

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