Things you Must Pack for your Dog this Camping Season

Things you Must Pack for your Dog this Camping Season

Happy Camping Season! 

Warm days, cold nights, and lots of time to relax. What could be better? Not much in our opinion, but let's make sure every member of the family has what they need to enjoy the trip!

Top 10 things you must bring for your dog on your next camping trip. 

  • Food and snacks
  • Collapsible food bowls
  • Collar light
  • Bed and Camp Blanket
  • First Aid Kit
  • Travel Bag
  • Collar and Leash
  • Toys
  • Boots
  • Poop Bags 

Food and Snacks

Whether you are planning a short weekend trip or a longer camping adventure, plan ahead and pack your dog's food... plus some! Although kibble is the easiest choice, don't fear packing in other types of food that may need to be kept cold, or in this case on ice. Helpful tips! Portion out your dog's meals. I liked using smaller reusable Tupperware.  It'll help keep things organized and cold if need be! Know exactly how much you have or have left!

Collapsible Food Bowls

Packing for camp is all about taking the minimum items with the maximum usage. No different for our furry friends.  I love collapsible bowls that can slide into a simple travel bag and take up no space at all. Look for one that is waterproof and large enough to hold the perfect amount of food/water for your pup. It's important they stay hydrated out there especially if they are new to the camping scene. 


Collar Light

This is ultra important! Along with keeping your pup leashed when campground rules request you do, keep your pup in your sight and safe all trip long with a simple collar light. Inexpensive and easy to place on any collar, a collar light will give you peace of mind when the sun sets and things get darker. 

Bedding and Blankets

Just like you, your pup needs to be comfortable. Always bring a familiar bed that's washable. Want to step up your camp game even more? Get your pup a cot. Up, off the ground but still comfortable, cots are a great option to keep them comfortable and safely away from crawly critters. Pro tip: if you don't have time for them to snuggle up on the bed ahead of the trip, pack their blankets! Keep them warm and feeling safe in an unfamiliar place. Camp Blankets are a perfect solution, easy to use and easy to wash. 

First Aid Kit

Always be prepared. A small medical kit can save the day in case of an emergency. Check out this one from REI. Simple, but has everything you need, just in case. Helpful tip! If you are like me and have a first aid kit at home, build your own medical kit! Chances are you have most of it right in your home. Place it in a ziplock bag to keep it dry. 

Travel Bag

For me, this is a biggie. I like keeping things organized when I am traveling. Everything should be easily accessible and tidy. (I hate losing things when I am out and about!) In this case, Travel Bags are an easy solution. Load them up with treats, gear, and little pieces you can't afford to lose on your trip. Scout gets his own bag and knows his belongings are close by in case he needs anything. Toss your homemade medical kit, toys, and their leash when you're not using it to ensure nothing gets lost. 

Collar and Leash

This may seem like an obvious one, however, we'd recommend a collar and leash set made for the outdoors. Everyday use collars usually use metal clasps and snaps that can rust and break down over time. Being in the Great Outdoors means you'll want a set that's as rugged as your furry friend! Collars like ours are made from a mildew resistant, quick-dry material, that have a heavy-duty plastic buckle (no metal) and is waterproof is perfect for your next adventure. Ultra-light at under an ounce, these collars won't slow your pup down but will keep rust away from their skin when they are jumping in and out of water and dirt! 


Simple. Your dog will need things to focus on while you are all relaxing. Bring their favorite fetch, chew, or snuggle toys that you can keep clean. 


Although not all pups love boots, some cases absolutely call for them. Boots help keep debris from getting in between their toes and pads and can prevent injuries. Trails and campgrounds can have broken glass and debris that can harm your pup's paws. I love this set from Ruffwear. Easy to use and once your pup is comfortable wearing them, they won't want to take them off. 

Last but not least... Poop Bags

Pack it in, pack it out. Help keep our public spaces clean and safe by carrying in poop bags for your pet's potty breaks. Plan to dispose of their potty bags regularly and safely and consider biodegradable poop bags too! 

That's it! I hope this shortlist was a helpful easy checklist of goodies to bring on your next trip. Have something you love that isn't on the list? Drop it in the comment below! 
Happy camping!

-xoxo jules

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