Best Practice Guide to Family Photos with Your Pup!

Best Practice Guide to Family Photos with Your Pup!

Happy Holidays! It's family photo season! Gather up the entire fam, get some matching pajamas, and spread some holiday cheer! 

I love family photos that include the furriest member of the family and we've had so many people share their plans for family photos I thought I'd share a best practice guide to making sure your pup is the star of the shoot! (duh!)

Remove distractions:  If your dog gets easily distracted try staging your photos in a familiar place. At home in front of your decorations, in your backyard, or on a familiar trail you visit often. The fewer distractions the easier it'll be to grab that perfect shot! 

- Bring lots of treats: Unless your dog loves the camera and knows their best angles, treats and high value toys are a great way to keep them focused on the camera. We love using low calorie training treats that have 1-3 calories per treat. 

- Ensure you have enough time and lighting: If you will be taking photos outside, plan your session so you aren't rushing before sundown. On the flip side, ensure you have enough lighting indoors so you won't be editing images indefinitely after the shoot. The better prepared the easier it'll be, promise!

-Dress for the occasion: depending on what you're celebrating, dress the part and don't forget fido! Take a peek at our latest holiday collection of bandanas and grab a few prints that compliment your own personal style. Twinning is always winning is House Hundenfolk. Don't know where to start? Pick a simple theme like, Red and Green, Snowflakes, Gingerbread Men, or my personal favorite The North Star, and run with it as inspiration!

-Bring a prop or two: Props are an easy way to get the entire family involved in the shot. Ornaments, santa hats, garland, and other pieces of decor are festive and help photos not feel so staged.

-Things to not leave home without: If you are planning on taking photos away from home, pack a small bag of the necessities. This includes but is not limited to: a leash, collar or harness, water and bowl, snacks for humans! 

- Book with a professional: No doubt, pros know what they are doing. Find a local photographer that can book some time with you. They are pros for a reason, and if the are local, they probably have a list of locations and styles to choose from. 

-Taking matters into your own hands? Use some technology to help out. Bluetooth remotes for your phone and camera and a tripod are a great easy way to get the right shot. Check out your local camera/photo shop for tons of great tools that will help you nail it! 

...and most importantly! The best camera is the one you have.

I cannot wait to see what creative shots you all come up with this year! Don't forget to tag us on social! @Hundenfolk

Cheers and Happy Holidays! 
- xoxo jules 

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